Rally Schedules

January, 2019  ---  Canceled will be no January 2019 Rally.

April 3 - 6 , 2019  - 

Our regular March Rally will be part of the AOC Pre-Rally.

Location:    Fredericksburg, TX

RV Park:     The Vineyards of Fredericksburg RV Park

Wagon Masters:   Jim and Diane Woosley 
Co-hosts:              Gary and Mary Fran Burke

Sign-up Sheet:  Rally Sign-up Sheet

  Alfa Owners Club National Rally 2019

April 7 - 12th, 2019

RV Park:     The Vineyards of Fredericksburg RV Park

AOC      Wagon Masters:    Ray Fowler and CeAnne Ochel

AOC co-Wagon Masters:   Sid and Barb Zielke

Sign-up Sheet: 2019 AOC Rally Sheet

Alfa Leisure Coachworks:   Work Request Sheet  Services Sheet

September 19-22, 2019

Location: Bandera Texas

RV Park:  Skyline RV Park

Wagon Masters:  Gary and Mary Fran Burke

Co-hosts: TBA

Sign-up Sheet: TBA

November , 2019